Useful Tourist Information on Antiparos beaches,Attractions and local cusine

Historical & Folklore Museum

The operation of historical & Folklore Museum of Antiparos starts in summer 2016 with significant references to Aegean culture ,such as ancient coins ,authentic engravings from the cave of Antiparos and one of the most significant libraries of Cyclades.




The arched entrance of the cave has 20m width and about 3m height. The huge stalagmite located in the entrance is one of the oldest in Europe and it dates back 45 million years. When you go down the 411 steps to the heart of the cave with width of more than 100m., emotions such as awe, unique excitement and admiration are felt by all visitors. The cave covers an area of 5.600 s.m. Its temperature in winter is about 15 C and humidity reaches 65%. The cave was opened with limestone from corrosion. The entrance was opened in the beginning and later on with the accumulation and pressure of great amounts of water its lower part was opened as well. The water that remained in its interior opened sewers and chasms. After the evacuation of the water its decoration began with slow pace from drop flow.




Antiparos in famous for its fresh fish and many octopuses goats and wild rabbits .Also it is famous for its cheese and more specifically xinomizithra and of course for its local wine and tsikoudia. You will enjoy traditional dishes such as “cockerel patiod” in many traditional tavernas.



In Antiparos besides the walks In Chora ,The Caste the route to the cave and St.Giorgios visitors can also enjoy the tour around the island with a small boat as it can approach sea caves ,see steep beaches and discover enchanting emerald bays. For nature lovers the ideal proposal is the trails of the island. From the ferry boats up to the 3rd Psaraliki visitors can follow the coastline and discover the 3 nearby beaches. From Sifneiko to the camping and ending in Agios Spiridonas the route is easy, lasting one hour and it is offered for whole family. Another easy route is the one from sifneiko up to Stavros. The trail ends on the top of the mountain, 91 meters high with panoramic view of the whole settlement.




Antiparos is surrounded by excellent beaches .From the one side,calm waters with golden beaches and from the other side sheer rocks with caves sculpted by the open sea and winds. Diving ,wind surfing ,kitesurfing ,hiking mountain biking ,are only a few of the activities offered on the island ,while in the south ,Epitafios is waiting for you to discover its morphological interest .Very close to the settlement ,just 5 minutes on foot, you can find the following beaches: 1st and 2st  Psaraliki, Panagia(3rd psaraliki),Sifneiko or Sunset Beach which you can get on foot from the square(500m),or even by car. Within the settlement you can also find Agios Spiridonas beach ,the beach of Kalargirou ,and the Camping beach with crystal clean blue waters.